Elnur Hasanov. Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Center at the Topchubashov Scientific Surgery Center. Elnur Hasanov

Biography, Education

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Doctor of Medical Sciences Elnur Novruz oghlu Hasanov was born in 1976 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. After graduating from high school, he entered the Azerbaijan Medical University and successfully graduated from that university.

Elnur Hasanov’s father, Novruz Hasanov, is also a well-known cardiac physician. He is a Doctor of Medical Sciences of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.

Work experience

After graduating from the Azerbaijan Medical University, Elnur Hasanov decided to continue his education abroad by taking a free assignment.

He graduated from the clinical internship, and later the postgraduate and doctorate program in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Elnur Hasanov has been in internship in Germany and has experienced in the leading hospitals of the world. He has taken the significant certificates increasing his experience in the various hospitals engaged in pediatric cardiac surgery in the universities in London, England, in Munich and Berlin, Germany, as well as in the Philadelphia, Boston (Harvard) and Michigan universities in the USA. He has continued his medical activity more actively after receiving his Ph.D. in medical sciences.

In the recent years, Elnur Hasanov, together with the physicians of the pediatric cardiac surgery center directed by him, has been visited the cardiac surgery centers in the USA for sharing of experience on pediatric cardiac surgery once a year, gaining the latest achievements of medicine in this field. He is actively engaged in medical education of the population on the congenital heart defects and pediatric cardiac surgery. He closely takes part in the public and social events.

Till now, he has conducted more than 3,000 operations on hearts of the children with heart defects. He performs about 300 heart operations every year.

Elnur Hasanov also successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on medical sciences.

The doctor’s brigade led by him periodically performs operations at the Treatment and Diagnostics Centers located in the regions of Azerbaijan. Currently, he carries out most of the operations at the Topchubasov Scientific Surgery Center and the Republican Treatment and Diagnostics Center. He is a member of the world’s leading pediatric cardiac surgery societies. He participates in the international conferences throughout the year and shares her experience with her foreign colleagues.

The numerous scientific articles of him on contemporary treatment of congenital heart defects and pediatric cardiac surgery have been published in foreign publications.

Doctor Elnur Hasanov is one the members of the Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Children’s Cardiac Surgery.

Contact telephone numbers of Dr. Elnur Hasanov: (+994) 070 660 96 50

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