Muhammad Karimov

Phlebologist, cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Muhammad Karimov, is currently the Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Training and Surgical Clinic of the AMU Educational and Surgical Clinic. He is also a professor at the Azerbaijan Medical University.

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The surgeon, scientist Muhammad Karimov, who works in various fields of modern surgery, currently continues his work as a teacher. The operations carried out by him cover the various diseases of the chest, abdominal cavity, as

well as various diseases of the endocrine and vascular systems, and separated for their modernity and complexity. Today the works of professor M.M. Karimov is published in many influential international sources in the modern world, and he himself has worthily represented Azerbaijan surgery at the various congresses and symposia in the most countries, like the United States, Germany, France (repeatedly), Italy (repeatedly), the Netherlands, Israel , Austria, the Czech Republic (repeatedly), Slovenia, Turkey (repeatedly). He is a member of the World Association of Vascular Surgeons, the World Phlebology Forum, the European Society of Surgeons, the European Society of Vascular Surgeons and many other authoritative international communities.

Today professor M.M. Karimov lives a productive period of his work. He is an innovative surgeon engaged in the active surgical and scientific activities, who founded some areas in Azerbaijan surgery and applied the latest innovations.

These include endovenous surgery – the operations of the various forms of varicose disease with laser, radiofrequency waves, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, operations THD (transanal hemorrhoidal dearterilization), which is the latest treatment for hemorrhoids.
These treatments are the latest, non-invasive, non-cut and pain-free method used in the modern world and are highly effective.
In September and October 2013, professor M.M. Karimov honorably represented the Azerbaijan surgery at two reputable international forums of the world. The first forum was the XVII Congress of the World Association of Vascular Surgeons in Boston, USA, September 9-16. The congress was devoted to a broad discussion of the latest achievements of vascular surgery, and many useful tips and recommendations were given to the physicians.

Another forum was the 21st Congress of the European Society of Vascular Surgeons, held in Rome from September 27 to October 2, 2013. Professor M.M. Karimov made a presentation on the use of laser in the treatment of varicose disease and told the international community about the great success of Azerbaijani surgery in this area.

As the greatest success of 2013, it is possible to note the surgical operation, first carried out on December 14 at the Clinical Hospital “Oxygen” with the latest generation laser (radial laser). Since, in the last 2-3 years the special attention has been paid in the world to the introduction of newly invented radial-type lasers
This type of laser is characterized by its very high efficiency, safety, as well as complete painlessness. And this is highly appreciated by patients underwent surgery. After returning from the last World Congress, professor M.M. Karimov began to work intensively in the Phlebological Department headed by him on bringing this idea to Azerbaijan and reached its implementation in a short time (about 3 months). This modern method has already been successfully applied in the several patients, and the initial results obtained are very much appreciated by the patient.


In 1980 he graduated from the N. Narimanov Azerbaijan State Medical Institute with a Lenin scholarship.

In 1985, Muhammad Karimov entered the postgraduate studies at the same institute through a competitive process, and in 1988 he defended his master’s thesis on the “Surgical treatment of the trophic ulcers of vascular origin of the lower extremities in a controlled abacterial environment” under the scientific supervision of the world-famous vascular surgeon, Academician A. Pokrovsky.

In 1995 he was elected assistant professor of the department. M.M. Karimov defended his doctoral thesis on the “Surgical treatment and prognostic factors of esophageal cancer” under the scientific advice of Academician M.I. Davudov and Professor Ch.M. Jafarov.


In 1980-1983 he worked as a surgeon in the hospital number 1 in Sumgayit.

Since 1983, he continued to work at the A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR in Moscow.

Since 1989, he started to work as an assistant at the department of General Surgery of the Azerbaijan Medical University.

Since 2010, M.M. Karimov is a professor at the Department of General Surgery of the AMU. In 2006, Professor M. Karimov was appointed the Chief Surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Current workplace: Training and Surgical Clinic of the AMU.

Contact phone: (+994) 55 424-82-28, (+994) 50 480-92-96

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