Professor Yunis Yusubov. Oral and Maxillofacial surgen

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial surgen Yunis Amiraslan Yusubov

Yunis Yusubov graduated from Azerbaijan Medical Institute in 1964. Improvement of the Kiev Institute of Medicine in 1972 and was accepted for postgraduate studies at the department of surgical dentistry. In 1975 he defended Yunis Yusubovs  thesis in Medical Sciences, Kiev Medical Institute, worked as an assistant in the department of surgical dentistry. After completing his doctoral thesis in 1988 in Kiev, on a competitive basis in 1989 and was appointed professor in the department of surgical stomatology of the Azerbaijan Medical University.
Membership of Yunis Yusubov
Azerbaijan Association of Stomatologists
Since 1999 year İnternational Association of Maxillofacial surgens

Yunis Yusubovs Tel nomber: +994 050 388 77 00

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Professor Yunis Yusifovs Books
Professor Yunis Yusifovs  PATENTS
Scientific inventions
Hemangioman intraosseous patented method of treatment
Surgical treatment of external ear defects
Patented fixation of fractures of the lower jaw protrusion
Patented the invention of a device for the detection of articular fracture of the jaw protrusion

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