Tofig Sadikhov – Cardiologist.

Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine, Cardiologist Tofig Gudrat oglu Sadikhov was born on 23.01.1972 in Behrud village of Ordubad city of Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan AR).

In 1991-1997 Tofiq Sadıkhov  studied at the Azerbaijan Medical University
Language skills

Azerbaijani, Russian, English
Upgrading courses

Tofig Sadıkhov has been in professional development courses in Germany in 2007 and 20110 and in Turkey in 2004 and 2012.

Work experience:

In 1997-1998 Tofig Sadıkhov  had internship at the Ivanovo Medical Academy of the Russian Federation.
In 1998-2000 Tofig Sadıkhov  worked at the Department of Internal diseases of the Ivanovo Medical Academy.
Since 2000, Tofig Sadıkhov has an invasive cardiologist at the Clinical Medical Center (Former “Semashko” Hospital) . Baku city


Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology,
Turkish Cardiology Association,
(ESC – European Society of Cardiology)

Tofig Sadıkhov Tel number: +994 050 311 26 01

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