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Galandar Janbakhishov

Turab Janbakhishov – Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Head of II Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Training and Surgical Clinic of the AMU.


Turab Janbakhishov was born on November 27, 1981 in the city of Kurgan, Russia. [1]

After graduating from the secondary school No. 17 in Baku in 1999 with the excellent marks, he entered the “Medical and Preventive” Faculty of the Azerbaijan Medical University. [1]

In 2005, he graduated from the Azerbaijan Medical University with a degree in “General Medicine” with honors. [2]

In 2005-2011, he took a vocational training with a degree in the “Obstetrics and Female Diseases (gynecology)” at the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey. [1]

After graduating from vocational training, taking into account the highest points scored on theoretical and practical exams, by the decision of the management of the University Dokuz Eylul and the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey, Turab Janbakhishov was appointed an expert assistant at the same department and worked in this position until December 2013. [2]

Since December 2013, Turab Janbakhishov has worked as a head of the Second Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Training and Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University.

During the period of vocational education, up to 10 scientific articles by Turab Janbakhishov were published in Turkey and the various foreign countries. He currently works on the doctoral thesis.

Turab Janbakhishov is an author of 16 scientific presentations published at the conferences, 6 scientific papers on his specialty, published in foreign journals, and one section of the book.

He is fluent in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish. [3]

His father: the famous traumatologist and orthopedist, doctor of medical sciences Galandar Janbakhishov.

The courses in which he participated:

March 3, 2008. The course of evidence-based medicine, Turkey, Izmir

February 14-15, 2009. The courses of the Association of Reproductive Medicine III – ESHRE Workshop, Turkey, Izmir

May 14-15, 2009. The course of rational use of drugs, Turkey, Izmir
May 27-29, 2009. Newborn Resuscitation, Turkey, Izmir
April 22, 2010. The course of Laparoscopy – Handicraft, Turkey, Izmir

December 4-5, 2010. The courses on the modern approaches in reproductive medicine, Turkey, Izmir

March 21-29, 2011. The Certification course for the Experimental Use of Animals, Turkey, Izmir

October 8-12, 2012. The course of Problem Based Learning, Izmir, Turkey

The Conferences attended by him:

Turab Janbakhishov periodically participates in the important medical conferences throughout the country and abroad. At the same time he gives speeches at these events:

May 30, 2008. The gynecological problems in adolescents. Izmir, Turkey

October 16-19, 2008. The National Congress on Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Antalya, Turkey

October 24, 2008. Contraception. Izmir

January 30, 2009. Modern approaches to infertility and endocrinology. Izmir, Turkey

February 27, 2009. Urology and general gynecology. Izmir, Turkey

May 28, 2010. Perinatology. Izmir, Turkey

February 25, 2011. Perinatology. Izmir, Turkey

April 29, 2011. Infertility / Endoscopy. Izmir, Turkey

October 5-9, 2011. III Congress of the Association of Reproductive Medicine. Antalya, Turkey

March 9-10, 2012. Video-symposium on operative gynecology and gynecological oncological surgery. Izmir, Turkey

September 27-30, 2012. National Congress on Endocrinology and Infertility. Cheshme, Turkey

November 3-4, 2012. On the way towards an exemplary doctor 2. Izmir, Turkey

April 13, 2013. Symposium on perinatal diagnosis of embryonic medicine. Izmir, Turkey

May 30 – June 2, 2013. The World Congress on BCGIP (COGI). Istanbul, Turkey

September 6-8, 2013. The Society for Gynecological Research Summit (SGI), Turkey 2013 – Innovations in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Istanbul, Turkey

September 26-29, 2013. The Congress of the Association of Reproductive Medicine. Antalya, Turkey

Place of work of Turab Janbakhishov:

Educational and Surgical Clinic of the AMU.

Contact phone: +994 50 213 14 25, +994) 50 460-99-95

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