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Niyazi Askerov. Magistral damarların rezeksiyası ilə törəmələrin çıxarılması.

Niyazi Askerov.Choice of adequate treatment in obstructive bowel obstruction

Asgerov Niyazi Ali – Surgen, oncologist
Date of bith  08.03.1963


1984-1990 Treatment and Preventive faculty at Vladivostok Medical University, Vladivostok, Russia.

1990-1991 General Surgery chair on basis of Tyumen Medical Academy internship, Nefteyugansk, Russia.

Scientific activity

Asgerov N.A. is a highly skilled specialist in surgical oncology. More than 100 scientific works were published. Participated with making the reports at many scientific conferences and congresses in Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Austria, Italy and in our Republic.

In Astana at the Congress of “Oncologists and radiologists of the CIS countries” made the report on a theme ” Nikelid-titanium implant in the formation of compression esophagoenteroanastomosis for proximal gastric cancer”, in Turkey at the international conference on surgery on the topic “Surgical aspects of the treatment of pancreatic tumors”, and in Baku at XIII Eurasian annual Congress of surgeons and gastroenterologists on the subject “Laparoscopic surgery in coloproctology”.

At the present time is at the stage of defending Ph.D. thesis on the subject “Clinical and epidemiological features of tumors of hepatopancreatoduodenal region in Azerbaijan Republic”.

Niyazi Asgerov visited the training courses in the cities of Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Tyumen, Surgut; Byelorussia – Minsk and Azerbaijan – Baku.

Under the leadership of Asgarov Niyazi.A. at the Department of Abdominal Oncology various complex surgical procedures are successfully performing :

The extended and standard hemihepatectomy for liver tumors;

Total pancreatoduodenectomy and pancreatoduodenal resection;

The combined gastrectomy and stomach resections for tumors, i.e. partial or total gastrectomy with the resection of involved adjacent organs;

The anterior and lower anterior resection of rectum, abdomeno-anal resection of the rectum with sigma-anal anastomosis, abdomen-perineal resection of rectum for its tumors;

The partial or total resection of several (5-8) adjacent organs, even with the resection of vena cava inferior, in en-block with retroperitoneal tumors.

Since 1990 Niyazi Askerov has been dealing with laparoscopic surgery. Till 1993 – with diagnostic laparoscopy, and in 1993 he started laparoscopic surgery. In this way, he has performed more than 4,000 laparoscopic cholecystectomies for gallstone disease, gallbladder polyps, benign or malignant tumors. Beside these appendectomy, hernioplasty for abdominal, hiatal hernia, vagotomy, Nissen fundoplication, amputation of uterus and total hysterectomy.

And since 2012 in the National Center of Oncology by means of the modern technological equipment laparoscopic procedures were carried out in the gastrointestinal surgery :

Laparoscopic partial or total gastrectomy;

Laparoscopic right- and left-side hemicolectomy, sigma resection;

Laparoscopic anterior resection of the rectum, its abdomen-perineal resection;

Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy, cystectomy;

Laparoscopic atypical liver resections.

Work activities

1990-2003 Niyazi Asgerov worked as a surgeon in the Central City Hospital of the city Nefteyugansk of Tyumen district of the Russian Federation.

In November 13 2001By the decision of the Certification Commission under the Department of healthcare of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area of the Tyumen region was awarded the highest qualification category on the specialty of “surgery”.

2003- Niyazi Asgerov has been living in Azerbaijan Republic.
2003-2008Worked as a senior surgeon at the Leila Shikhlinskaya’s Clinic and since 2009 to the present time Asgerov N.A. is director of abdominal oncology department at the National Center of Oncology of Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic.

Contact tel with Niyazi Asgerov :  +994 50 611 44 82

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